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My soap is made using the "cold process" method of soapmaking, combining pure plant oils with an alkali solution to provoke a natural reaction, which produces as an end product, pure mild natural soap and moisturising glycerine.
To create natural handmade soap, palm, coconut oil, and olive are gently warmed and blended with fabulous cocoa butter and shea butters before being hand mixed with the alkali solution. I then add carefully prepared flower and herb decoctions and infusions, plant extracts, fine oils, dried herbs or spices and then, of course, our deliciously expensive pure essential oils to fragrance and impart their natural beneficial properties to the soap.

The thick, creamy soap mixture is then poured into handmade soap moulds, covered and insulated for 24-36 hours to allow the soapmaking magic to work!

After unwrapping, the soap is turned out of the moulds and hand cut into soap logs and bars. At this stage it is still a little soft and can be decorated by studding with deep red dried rose buds, or fragrant spices, rolled with tiny blue lavender buds, chamomile flowers or golden calendula petals. The soap is then left to cure for up to 4 weeks.


 Most mass produced soap has been stripped of its natural moisturiser, glycerine, and is laced with chemicals and synthetic additives. Even a lot of soap labelled as handmade is actually made from mass produced soap bases melted down and then coloured and fragranced by hand.



I thoroughly enjoy producing handmade soap and am very proud that I have not been tempted to skimp on the more expensive ingredients or cut corners in manufacturing.

My production methods are low impact and environmentally friendly and we aim to produce little or no waste. Our handmade soap is not tested on animals, all are suitable for vegetarians and most are suitable for vegans.

 I hope that you will enjoy using or giving our handmade soap and come back for more.






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